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Every real estate transaction is different. Every search, every showing, every staging, every offer, every closing… all unique. And getting it right isn’t just about following a process… it’s about following up. It’s about following through. It’s about following your instincts.

As an ERA Real Estate affiliated agent, it’s my job to follow your needs. Only have time for after hours showings? No problem. A constant communicator? Done. Never done this before? Got it covered. Long wish list? Check, check and check.

Sure, I know real estate markets and how to make great deals, but helping you find exactly what you’re looking (and more) for is how I’ve built my reputation.

When you're in the market... I'm in your corner.


Working with ERA Real Estate

We’re the brand who has built our reputation on two things: building solid relationships and real estate expertise. Whether we’re innovating new ways to market and capture leads, or racking up one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry, we know that relationships are what drives the real estate industry. And with our industry-leading tools, learning and programs you can be sure that every detail is covered every time, and in every deal.

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Looking to sell?

I’m here to connect you with the right potential buyers, and help you get what you want out of every sale.

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Looking to buy?

Your unique needs are truly the only things that matter. From “wish lists” to “just sold”, I’m in your corner.



The business of real estate has always been about relationships; listening to needs and nurturing long-lasting bonds with clients. But truly building relationships goes beyond that. Whether I’m using my marketing network to create new connections or tapping into my professional network to expand your offerings, my relationships will be there to benefit you.


No real estate relationship would be possible without the ability to transact at the highest level in every situation. As a part of the ERA Real Estate network, I have access to education that keeps me ahead of the curve and ready to serve you in today’s dynamic environment.

On top of that, I have access to a host of exceptional programs to help get the most out of every detail of every deal. Programs to help facilitate better transactions, programs to sweeten the deal, and programs to give assurance to even the most skeptical sellers.


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